Principal's message

Education is the tool that nurtures all human tendencies – mental, intellectual, physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. It is an essential pre-requisite for a healthy, all-round development of our youth. Here, at Samarpan Science and Commerce College, we welcome one and all in achieving this goal, and thereby, realizing our dream. From here onwards we forge a deep relationship with our students, parents, educators and society at large. As a team we will strive to create good, sensitive, strong and humane citizens.

Our motto is: Feet to the ground, Eyes to the horizon. We guide our students towards academic excellence, and also, provide them with opportunities to showcase their hidden talents. We, the management and the staff, together with all of you, will create a safe educational environment to produce compassionate and responsible educated youth, capable of succeeding in diverse surroundings. We will provide a safe and sound learning arena for our students, and will leave no stone unturned in promoting Education by providing high-quality teaching facilities. We are sure that you will utilize all that we have to offer to you, will have a good time here and will step out into the world as learned, committed and mature alumni of this institution.

Dr. Ritu Saxena

Samarpan College of Science & Commerce