There are three floors in our college.. On ground floor big Canteen is available. Laddies and Gents Toilets, Drinking water facility with RO cooler is also available on each floor..On first floor total 6 rooms are available. Two rooms size is (15*10) and four room’s sizes are (10*7). On second floor also 6 rooms are available. All rooms’ sizes are (10*7). On third floor one big Library is available with some Laboratories and one class room is available which size is (10*7).


A separate moot court hall with a capacity of 200 people is provided for the intensive practical training with an additional aim to selecting and training students to participate in moot court competitions at both the state and national levels.

Moot Court Room is well furnished having internet facility to establish an easy & effective research therein, with all necessary infrastructure of a court to demonstrate the actual feel of existing live courts. It enables the students to acquainting themselves with the methods & procedures of mooting and preparing for the future role.


The college has fully equipped laboratory facility for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Microbiology and Computer students.

Physics: The laboratory is well equipped with instruments like Travelling Microscope, Spectrometer, Digital multimeter, Transmission Grating, Laser spectrometer, Resonator, Device for Newton’s ring, Melde’s apparatus, Rectifier and Transformer, C.R.O., Hall-effect set up, Pendulum, Galvanometer, Goniometer, Photocell, G.M. Tube, Gauss eye piece, Fabry-Perot etalon, Michelson interferometer, Solar Cell, Different types of Oscillator, Different IC such as  7483 , 7805, Babinates Compensator. There are experimental set-ups available in the laboratory from the following teaching areas: General Physics, Sound, Light, Electricity, Magnetism, Force, Energy, Waves and Optics.

Chemistry: The department has necessary infrastructure for chemistry laboratory with over 100 chemicals, wire gauge, digital balance, clamp stand, kipp’s apparatus, bunsen burner, glasswares like pippettes and their pumps, burrettes, glass rods, thermometer, volumetric flasks, beakers, test tubes, dropping bottle, graduated cylinders, viscometer, and stalagnometer.

Microbiology: The laboratory is equipped with instruments like microscope with light attachment, autoclave of 32 litres capacity, incubator oven, Refrigerator, other glasswares, colony counter, pH meter, ocular micrometer and digital balance. The lab environmental is friendly and all the necessary safety meters have been taken while designing the Lab. The lab is well furnished. Isolated working spaces have been provided to perform mycology, virology, bacteriology, immunology and molecular biology experiments.

Mathematics: The college has a laboratory especially for mathematics where students can practice the respective maths problems and can also have one to one interaction with the faculty.The maths lab has 12 Computers with Internet facility. The computers are faciliated with LATEX, Mathematical, MATLAB, etc.

Botany: The laboratory is equipped Digital Balance, pH meter, Oven, UV Spectrophotometer, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Flame Photometer, Electrophoresis unit (DNA/ Protein), PCR, Cryo-Storage, Densito meter, UV Transilliminator, Chlorophyll meter, Leaf area meter, Photo Flourishmeter, DO meter, Turbidity meter, Oil separation unit, BOD, Incubator, GPS, Increment borer, Opisometer (Distance/ Road measuer), Autoclave, Tissue Culture Lab. (AC) and other necessary laboratory equipment, etc.

Garden: There is a garden with very important plants like Shiv jata, Bottle brush, Ardusi, Ashavagantha, Sarpagandha, Kuwarpathu, Herde, Pilude, Neem, Henna, Indigo, Palash, Brahmi, Arjuna, Peepal, Satavari etc.


Green House: There is a green hosue for growing plants under suitable environmental condition for important medicinal plants.

Computer: The college has latest computer facility having 80 computers with broadband internet connectivity. Two Computer labs are available. In one lab 420 computers are provided with 40 chairs and Internet facility where students can make their assignments in the Computer even also find their queries through Internet in google.The lab is well furnished.  


Samarpan Education & Reserch Campus Library was established in the year 2015

About Library:  Rules And Regulation

                       :  Services

                       :  Resource

                       :  Timing 9 to 5

For the Classification of books, this Library use DDC (19th Ed)

Cataloguing is done as per AACR 2

Open Access system for the users

Web OPAC and E-Consortium service and INFLIBNET & DELNET facilities is also available in this library

Automation of this library is under process

For the library automation, this library uses software “SOUL 2.0” Services